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3D video on MINIX NEO X7?

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by Milko MATI, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member


    I'm new on this forum because I've just bought a MINIX X7.
    When I try to play 3D video I can see picture splitted on two but cannot watch on 3D mode!
    What else should I do?

  2. lewy20041

    lewy20041 Active Member

    dont you have option in your tv to watch sbs videos?
    do you have 3d button on your tv remote?
  3. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member

    Sure, I can watch 3D videos on TV actually is BENQ 3D projector but button on menu for 3D is gray - not option, when I try to watch video on 3D mode from minix...
  4. lewy20041

    lewy20041 Active Member

    on tv its always avilible.
    you will need 3d player for android then
    it need to send info that 3d content is being played
    but im not sure if there is one:"
    google "android 3d player apk" meaby you will find something
  5. boris

    boris New Member

    Player Mx player plays 3D SBS great an tv is nescessary to switch to 2D to 3D remote.
  6. lewy20041

    lewy20041 Active Member

    yes but he have 3d option grayed in projector"
  7. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member

    SBS is Side By Side?
  8. lewy20041

    lewy20041 Active Member

  9. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member

    I'll try again with MX player tonight..:
  10. Andrea Colaianni

    Andrea Colaianni New Member

    You can try with xbmc gotham alpha 7 or 8, I think that is the only one that send the proper "3d mode on" signal with hdmi.
    With my epson projector I need to go into settings, switch to sbs 3d mode, and then turn 3d on when using any other video player.
  11. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member

    I've tried yesterday with Gotham alpha and after half hour trying have managed to watch 3D. So it's possible.
    • I had a big problem with on-screen commands, they were always "jumping".
    • When changing from Side By Side to TOP and DOWN it splits picture on 4 pieces..
    • I cannot set sound to 5.1.

    So I'll have to play more to set a right settings.

    XBMC will update automatically?

  12. Chandroid

    Chandroid New Member

    Hi Milko

    How did you make 3d work on x7 ? I have a minix x7 mini but 3d is not working I have a asus 3d monitor which can't detect or play sbs it needs proper 3d frame packaged signal which minix G4 was able to output. But this x7s are junk :(.

    Help me if you got it working ?
  13. Milko MATI

    Milko MATI New Member

    It still not working on My MINIX.
    I've bought BluRay player 3D.

    I was trying to get 3D picture from XBMC, but I think the problem is in output from MINIX.
    Tried to shrink resolution on output but nothing better.
    Maybe You know which resolution did You have on G4?

  14. Chandroid

    Chandroid New Member

    Hi Milko,

    Thanks for the reply, there is not many people are interested in our issue unfortunately. here is what i did which worked for me in the past.

    1. i first purchased a very first mk802 version (clone) for $38 on amazon, red some internet article by some other good netizen friend. he suggested to downgrade to very first firmware version which i did. the first ROM for the allwinner A10 mk802 worked :). it can play all 3d formats but the ROM is slow and buggy in other aspects for the price it was the best. i would suggest if 3D is your main requirement get this.

    2. For better performance wanted to try Minix g4. the lastest ROM do have 3d support but plays only 2d-3d transilation for side by side video only. the resolution which worked for me i think is 1080i 60mhz or 1080p 60 mhz. i dont remember but i am going to order minix G4 or Minix x5 mini (claims to play 3d) again today will try and let you know.

  15. KalabiYau

    KalabiYau New Member

    I`m interesting in watching 3D-movies via Minix x7. I got LG47LA669V and this tv support many 3D-formats. But when i try to watch 3D-movies, it looks not good, even if i adjust 3D-options in tv manualy. So, we will wait for answer from Minix Team.
    In any ways, thanks Minix team for a good media-box!
  16. Joseph Bejm

    Joseph Bejm New Member

    I have the same problem. The movie is not align proper way. is like two frames are shifted about a 1/4 so you can see double. I tried different players and the same problem. It must be hardware problem. So I purchased this box because it shows that supports 3D formats but is not.
    And one more thing Playing and watching is two different things.
  17. Chandroid

    Chandroid New Member


    I tested x5 mini. It plays side by side video in real 1.4a stereoscopic format. So far I watched few hd 3d mkvs they are nice on my asus vg278h nvidia 3d 2 monitor.
  18. IKazi

    IKazi New Member

    Which software are you using to play 3d files ?
  19. itvplus.net

    itvplus.net New Member

    Yes which player to play 3d? As confirmed by Minix, rockchip cannot support 3D.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  20. karbit

    karbit New Member

    wrong, for me it works perfectly with minix x7 + mx player+LG la740s
  21. itvplus.net

    itvplus.net New Member

    u make sure? So, could u show a video to illustrate how it works "perfectly" ? :)

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  22. Chandroid

    Chandroid New Member

    Hi itvplus,

    There are lot of people like some one replied who said works with mx player and x7. these people are so blind that don't even read the thread. they just play 2d side by side using the tv's feature to play 3d there nothing that the device x7 or mx player does there. some one from minix replied that rockchip doesn't support 3d which is totally nonsense, rockchip does support . he should be either a novice tech support person or some1 who don't read their own product specs.

    I tested, MK802, Minix G4, x7 mini and finally settled with an x5 mini. the 3d feature was by implemented by rockchip not by this minix people.

    so do this.
    1. play any movie which is side by side using native app "video"
    2. while video plays in side by side , click on the video to bring up the video controls in the. bottom.
    3. click "..." button. select 2d-3d translation and with in left - right option. the screen will flicker for a moment and you will see the 3d signal going to your device.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014
  23. karbit

    karbit New Member

  24. Joseph Bejm

    Joseph Bejm New Member

    What application you using to watch this movies?

    I don't see any controls that shows "3. click "..." button. select 2d-3d translation "
  25. Joseph Bejm

    Joseph Bejm New Member

    Maybe it has something to do with the TV.
    I can't play on my Samsung TV. The picture is like Double Image of set by 1/4 of the screen.
    The file is SBS I did not tried TAB file.
    I did not had a problem with other TV boxes (Not Android Type)

    Other thing is.
    Did you changed Rom , Kernal or is just like you purchased?
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014

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