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APK install/management app

Discussion in 'Apps' started by Ishi Carter, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Ishi Carter

    Ishi Carter Member

    Is this a Minix app or is there a better one available? I have two issues with it.

    #1 - The white text on yellow button combination makes it incredibly difficult to read

    #2 - Here's the worse one...I have apps that seem to be named wrong. I especially notice it with the *.emu emulators (GBA.emu, PCE.emu, etc). It seems any of the *.emu emulator names will jump around in the "manage" list (ie, the NGP.emu name will be where the GBA.emu should be in the list, but if you run it from the manage screen it's the GBA.emu). The issue is cosmetic, but it's REALLY annoying when you're trying to manage your apps. I've also noticed it on the multiple Spectrum ZX emulators (think I have 3-4 installed) I have that the labels for them will skip around to the other Spectrum emulators just like the *.emu emulators.

    If you're wondering why I have so many of these installed, I'm trying to compile a feature list on which emulators work best on the Minix Neo X5 and which don't work at all.

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