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Camera with Mic

Discussion in 'NEO G4' started by Dom, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Dom New Member

    Is there a list of tested "working" webcam/w mic that works with the NEO G4 yet.
    I have a few webcams that I tested, they all don't work on Skype.
    Any suggested brand and model pls. thanks
  2. KeepInItDroid Administrator

    I work at a electronics store and I work tonight which is a slow sift I'll bring my x5 and test some cams :D

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  3. muncis New Member

    Logitech HD Webcam C270 working ok for me.
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  4. Dom New Member

    Thanks muncis...can you also fire-up the camera app and take photos and videos as well? I mean aside from skype.. thanks :)
  5. muncis New Member

  6. Dom New Member

    I found one webcam that works, its the Logitech V-UAR33.
    The camera can take photos using the Camera App but not Video.
    The built in mic also works using Smart Voice Recorder App "clear audio recording".
    The other Voice Recorder App that's included originally crashes and says "internal error".
    When I fire-up Skype and do audio test call, the audio is very choppy and my voice is not
    recorded at all...test fail on Skype.
  7. Dom New Member

    Made a test call using the V-UAR33 on Skype.
    Video out is ok. camera works.
    Audio out none. mic don't work.
    Video incoming is ok.
    Audio incoming is also ok.
  8. Anwar Bham New Member

    How do do connect the camera to a minx g4 do you plug it in the OTG port or the usb port i have a powered usb hub that i plug in to the usb port on the player and plug the camera in thier and another cable goes from the the usb hub to the otg port to power the thing is that the way to do it
  9. Dom New Member

    I still use the original power adapter connected to the OTG port, I now have a 7-port USB connected to the USB port and I connect all devices from here. The power adapter is powering everything.
  10. 1ndustrial Member

    I'm trying to put together a skype setup. Thanks in advance for answers.

    First off, everyone who's been using skype successfully here, which firmware are you on? I heard only the original ICS 4.0.4 one can do it right. (Still on it.)

    Next, do you ever have a problem if sound is coming over your main large external speakers? The only other options I would have is switching to the TV's built-in speakers, or headphones from my amplifier.

    Last, an article I read said the most basic Logitech C110 works well, is inexpensive and has good reviews. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. MINIX Administrator

    the best combination for Skype is 4.0.4 ICS firmware + Logitech C110.
  12. 1ndustrial Member

    Thank you, I stay on the shipping firmware for now. I guess we're waiting for the Rockchip skype fix. I appreciate it.
  13. SquidooRoy New Member

  14. MINIX Administrator

  15. Dom New Member

    What specs does the C110 have that makes it work on Skype? The C110 is hard to find in stores now-a-days. So I found a Logitech c210 on sale for $15, bought it hoping it will work, unfortunately it doesn't work too. :(
  16. Dom New Member

    Is MINIX working for a fix on this Camera and Mic problem?
  17. Mark Bardolf New Member

    Thanks; is it safe to assume that there aren't any cameras that are going to work for HD video chat (Skype/Google Hangouts), including the C270?
  18. Mark Bardolf New Member

  19. Dom New Member

    HelloMark, I was the one who started this thread because I have the same problem as yours...and against all advise "stay on 4.0 for skype" I went against advise and upgraded to Jellybean 4.1.1...nothing to lose because it does not work for me anyway on ICS 4.0. But to my surprise it works.
    Skype Video/Audio works even using an old Logitech webcam V-UAR33.. just sharing my experience. Dom
  20. Rakesh Kumar New Member

    Did you face any issue using the powered USB hub with g4? I'm trying to use a powered USB hub but unsuccessful till now.
  21. Dom New Member

    I am now using a powered 10-port usb hub...at the same time the original power supply for the g4 is still connected to the otg.
  22. Rakesh Kumar New Member

  23. Dom New Member

    I upgraded from ics to jellybean, to make my skype work. ;)
  24. 1ndustrial Member

    And my Gawd, it worked for me too. JB so far after learning its differences is so much better and it's odd how it cured this issue as well contrary to what we were told. Anyway, since my echo test finally worked I assume my video call will too, so it'd be nice if my hope pans out.
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  25. seafire New Member

    Hello all. I am the owner minix neo g 4 I wanted to ask, which camera is better for skype logitech Logitech C 270 and C 110? Poorly know English, I use google translator.

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