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external webcam with x5? is it possible?

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by cekmece, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. cekmece

    cekmece New Member

    can i use a webcam with x5, if it is possible... how we can do it? i have my webcam's driver but i think it is only for windows...
  2. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    Plug it in and see what happens...
    If it has USB if might just work.

    If u are asking for ... My manufacturer X Modell XYZ is super on windows .. please minix provide driver for it on minix.. you are out of luck... Maybe u should ask the manufacturer X for it..
    However my Logitech webcam with build in Mic just works... Not as nice as in windows... But usable.

    The question u should ask minix: are you planning to sell or recommend a (minix certified) web cam which will work for sure on the x5?!

    IMHO.. Just try your webcam and see how it would perform with the Apk you want to use it for.

    Skype works somewhat ok with my cam... However it is not the killer app at the moment and needs more options on the skype.Apk side to accommodate external webcams and their Features... As opposed to build in cam on android phones and pad.. which are btw optimized with their drivers for the particular android hardware..

    I hope that will answer your question.
    I also would like to have some better external web cam support through the OS .. however it cannot be for any and every webcam. it should be for the webcam recommended/supported by or even sold by Minix specifically for their android solution.

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  3. Jacek

    Jacek New Member

    what apk do you use with webcam?
  4. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    Skype.. as I wrote in my post..

    Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Jacek

    Jacek New Member

    I understood that you have found something more usefull, anyway thanks for reply
  6. cekmece

    cekmece New Member

    i dont know it's name... it came with fabric firmware.
    can you suggest an apk for it?
  7. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    U mean the photo.Apk which comes with the x5?

    Yes it works... And it is of course limited to the resolution of the webcam...
    And then of course no autofocus since the webcam does not really have it... I believe...
    Again it is a simple webcam.. like the kind of quality you would find with a frontfacing camara on a android smartphone... You know.. not that great...

    The microphone of the webcam however is working really great!

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  8. Jacek

    Jacek New Member

    unfortunatelly I have tried some with no 100% succes, all with problems so I am still looking for one working properly
  9. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    My wild guess is:

    Any webcam which would follow nicely a common device frameworks for v4l2 should somewhat more or less successfully work.
    I do know that on some other android hardware platforms patches had been applied to overcome some issues using USB type video devices.... Like webcams.

    Also check out UVC compliant cameras.
    Those kind of cams usually work with linux out of the box... More or less..
    That should then also apply to the android OS to some degree!

    Just a suggestion to look into your problems further.

    Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2

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