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Install set up for the Minix Neo5 with new Roms.

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by scooter2011, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    :cool: Hi ALL

    New to site and after fumbling my way along i finally got my minix neo 5 up and running (after bricking it twice lol)

    I will post a set up for those that need it on set by step to get the neo 5 up to costum roms out there as i found a real lacking of the step by step for nebies (Cuz i r one). Just set up mine and want to show others how i got there with the links and such attached and maybe others can help put thier thoughts or info they have on where new custom roms are located. right now i know of kirks and bobs may be more out there and once i know where they are ill install and rate them. kirks is running on mine but i removed the xbmc and replaced with custom nightly and found i got alot smoother and faster boots and better picture.

    I will post later tonight just got my access to the board so hope to help make neo the prefered box (i love mine so far)

    One last comment ive seen alot of complaints about updates from minix coming slow but i can see they are activly correcting issues and helping resolve them. The box hasnt been out that long and love testing it so once others start using they will always come up with better builds. if you cant wait call cable company or buy that smart tv:) Its the Moders i am so happy they tweek and improve issues Minix should set a prize for best modifcation of rom an give the winner a new beta Minix system to test hell of a way to inspire people to work on the system. :) and get better products Nvidia learned that.

    April 24/2013 next post will be long as i am writing up the step by step.

    Minix made an awsome update release last week.
  2. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    :D Hi All again heres the nebiw install to get up and running. I needed this when i first tried but i got through it lots of thanks to all those out there that provided help.

    Ok as always if you have never done this before then its always a gamble flashing system any system so proceed with care.

    STEP ONE.- Check system for what version you have installed go - settings - scroll to bottom see what is installed 4.0 ect depending on whats installed is where your start on this lisr.

    STEP TWO- Go here http://www.minix.com.hk/Support.htm down load for NE0 5 ONLY all the new updates that you need i started with the first ( as i bricked mine 3 times dont ask!) and depending on whats installed.
    STEP THREE- This process works for all the updates from minix so jump to the step that you need from looking at system info
    of whats on your system. Do a back up your system now!!! save all your data as with me didnt matter as i bricked it so started from nota.

    1- Down load all the updates make a file called neo5 in the file make 4 sub files 1-2-3-4 then down load the 4 updates and un zip accordingly into thos files you created.( INCLUDED IN THE ZIP IS ALL THE FILES YOU NEED FOR EACH ROM)
    2- Once all downloaded and unzipped click on first update go to flash tool double click rkbatch tool. Unplug neo 5 plug in odg port and plug usb end into computer 9 SOME ISSUES WHERE THE PLUG IS TO SHORT IS OUT THERE MAKE SURE ITS IN AND YOU CAN SEE METAL OR ADJUST TO MAKE SURE ITS CONNECTED. ok right beside the hdmi is a little hole insert a paper clip needle and feel it depress will its depressed presss the power on and holod till blue light comes on then release
    3-pc will now see it and install drivers when propted pick select drivers and go back to neo file and select usb drivers from there install (you may have to close batch file tool and restart neo if green light does not appear in the box for the batch tool program. )
    4- if green light is present in batch file program from top select update frrom the neo file folder 1-4 depending on what one your installing pick the img file and IMPORTANT NOTE NEVER SELECT UPGRADE IN THE BATCH FILE PROGRAM YOUR GOING TO ALLWAY WITH EVERY ONE OF THESE CLICK RESTORE (WARNED YA SO I DID.)
    6- Now that all the updates are in down load custom rom from here http://d-h.st/B2O this is kirks there are others bobs ect ill update links and files as provided.
    now for this custom i found this the easiest way down load cwm http://minixforums.com/threads/recovery-cwm-6-0-2-8-for-neo-x5-g4.181/ download and install to usb re name file update.img transfer onto neo5 and put into sd card directory on the neo 5.
    7. restart neo5 with the file in directory. make sure you have also put kirks zip file in same location (or finless or bobs ) just using kirks as a show tool.
    8- Once the neo5 boots up it will see update fileclick update. neo5 will reboot and start in recovery once there select install by zip (again do not select upgrade!!!!) this is a push install rather then batch file. click on kirks zip and install this takes some time and once finished it will say installed click back on file root then re boot neo5. (always better to do this way then pulling the plug (holding my head in hands in shame yup did it yup regreted it yup!!!!!)
    9 - SOME WANKIE START UP SCREEN (WOW THOS HAVE TO GO LATER LOL. ) and you will now be in the custom screen and launch. xbmc preloaded and works ok.

    now get google play filled out and down load these programs - get back to the cwm update later as getting late for me just got in late. ok these files down load and install xmplayer ,super su for later use with root. open and click on hardware for xmplayer and hardware excel. download a task manager as well as none on this copy. now boot up xbmc and load it. follow paths in xbmc forums to get fusion on ect. you should be good to go but i would recommend backing of 1080 to 720 as xbmc not ready for that yet besides i didnt notice to much of a change other then stablity and fogging and speed increased when dropped to 720.

    If anyone has any other custom packs and ideas drop me a hint ill check them out. ill post the change i did for xbmc nightly that worked little better then the one loaded into this custom. all i can say is others have done all this work and we get to test and enjoy thier labours hats off to all that have done such hard work todate keep it up its a fun process and to all the newbies read read read read and when you still dont understand it read some more lol it does work.....

    april 24- 11.51 okok almost 25th lmao.

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  3. Crusty Member

    Well done
    I could have done with a step by step guide when I first had my X5 as like you was unsure of the correct procedure. I eventually got there after a few messups and installed CWM and Sparky rom which seems to be working well
    It would be good to have a comparison of the various custom roms
  4. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Ya i find it wierd that CWM wasnt included in the last update. I will do root and try installing the 6.0 ver i found. Does it boot into it doing pin set or is still upgrade path when it boots. Can you give me a link to the rom you used so i can post that one as well ill try it and post a review of it. Thanks in advance.
  5. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    I am finding kirks rom a little anoying issue start up screens hold back quick boots and start up screen does a 180 filp at the start up and few other kinks in application but all in all working goid with no crashes (yet) Angry birds runs find find application screen complicated and live wall paper works good too. Air mouse drops out of blue tooth and same for cell connections ill check that tonight.
  6. Crusty Member

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  7. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Awsome Thanks Crusty. Thats kirks linux rom right?
  8. Crusty Member

    Not sure. Looks similar to official rom but it was the tpsparky rom I installed not the one I previously indicated
    Last edited by Crusty, Apr 26, 2013
  9. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  10. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    :D Hi All

    being new to the site its been fun speaking to alot of people that do alot with the software and hardware on this site. Very informative and just my thoughts on the minix 5. I think alot of people (end users ) get the impresstion that xbmc was part of the box and get frustrated when things dont work 100 percent. I am amased at what this box can do ive had jynx box, and a few others and the speed is impressive and i had no expectations of running as fast as a main stream computer would. I just wanted a easy way to surf and watch tv without having a laptop or pc hooked up to tv. So my many thanks to all of you out there that have shown me ways to make the neo 5 much better and it has been fun. I had nightly xbmc installed and it worked few kinks but it worked now i have the kirks rom and workes even better and faster then before. I expect once rockchip issues then sound will be even better again another improvement. if i had any negative comments it would be that finding links to minix sites and information was kinda hard to find (ps not everyone wants to be on face book ) I will keep testing roms and trying new things . But had a friend over that has the xbmc box that they support (no name calling from me starts with a P ) and he had to have the minix neo 5. It was a painfull drawn out process and I have to admit i dragged out longer then I should have but also making a man part with more money then i paid for the box and his just bought only case of beer on a friday night when beer stores are closed was worth it hope my minix 5 shipment comes in Monday thought kinda thinking it wasnt enoght!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  12. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  13. traxdata Moderator

    I just installed the finless ROM and have had quite a few stalls and have had to restart a few times. Think I will go back to the stock minix and disable the apps I don't use. Was much more stable.
  14. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    I know i used it and then switched to the nightly builds those i found more stable with this box. But iam going to try the new on listed above as well ill let you know how it works for me.
    Kirks rom worked well too but i didnt like flipping start screens on first boot but it was stable and just used stock mx player file.
  15. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  16. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Ive had the stock latest build from minix up and running for week with mx player hardware for xbmc stable build running. Only issue ive seen so far is some streams run at slower pace its almost like its out of sink with sound. It was happing at random but now is becoming more steady at reproducing same on more streams. I am going to try setting cpu speed and see if that corrects it. Anyone else have this issue at all? Maybe install an ad blocker as well?
  17. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

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  18. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  19. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  20. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

  21. Roberto Luz New Member

    So, Scooter, after all the experimenting, what Rom do you prefer and which XBMC setup did you end up using?
  22. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Because i needed stable options i ended downloading the 1080p new rom then flashed the ffpeg file at bottom of set up page with mx player with neon mx arm7 codex and loaded playercore.html file. Then installed nightly stable build of xbmc from xbmcandriod.com plus installed root and cwm. With that set up i havent had any complaints as everything working fine. Iam testing libstage build with goth 4 package but find it crashes alot and not very stable yet but it is getting better.
  23. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    new rom for TESTING ,,,,,,,,,, REMEBER I SAID TESTING IT HAS BUGS. ive been trying it wifi issue and re boot and still trying to find out how to send minix logs from freezes and crashes but it looks snappy snappy snappy lol amyways , link here for thos faint of bricking lol.... its the 4.2.2 android

  24. Spoonthumb New Member

    How do I connect a MINIX NEO5 mini?
  25. scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Go to threads about the mini detailed there on how to install Rom.

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