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Linux on Minix X5

Discussion in 'MINIX NEO X5 Custom ROM & Kernel Releases' started by jps, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. jps

    jps Member

    Hi all!

    1.- INFO
    3.- FAQ

    ======== INFO ====================
    After all reading on all forums about linux on MK808, i have installed linux on MINIX5. (Thanks to olegk0, AndrewDB, Omegamoon, fun, and alot of people more)

    SO: Ubuntu 12 quantal armhf

    I have support (some with binaris from android) to:
    - WIFI
    - LAN
    - NAND (16gb/s on 10 partitions with 8mb/s)
    - Sound over Jack 3.5mm
    - PMU Wm8326
    - MMC (i have 32Gb with 26mb/s)
    - HDMI
    - USB

    Not tested:
    - Sound over HDMI and SPDIF.
    - Remote miniboard

    Not working:
    - GPU mali 3D and 2D:
    - I have drivers working (mali, ump, mali_drm, disp_ump, rk29_ipp)
    - I have installed X11 mali drivers (olegk0), but no working at all (i need more time).
    - Bluetooth (i think i missing activating it with a program because rfkill detect it.. :S)

    I would like get help with GPU Mali and VPU decoder. I now there is sunxi and cerda, but i am having a lot of troubles to get it working. Anyway i dont know ANYTHING about VPU and how get it working on X11.

    Thanks all :)

    For now, i put here the files. For people that know how to flash the minix and partition a SD, here is the first avanced guide (next day i will update with all steps for take it easy).

    I have installed a new ubuntu 12.10 quantal, fresh install. It only have necesary packages, ssh server and modules/firmware from kernel.

    The kernel (recovery.img) has working all devices from list on INFO (but no x11 driver).

    - root/1234
    - ubuntu/ubuntu
    - eth0 (ethernet) with dhcp
    - eth1 (wireless) with dhcp
    SO: Ubuntu 12.10 quantal armhf

    - Ubuntu12.10_armhf_MINIXx5_CLEAN_ver0.1.tgz
    - recovery.img

    1.- Create a partition ext4 named "linuxroot" on a SD card. 1GB MIN
    2.- Extract the tgz file on that partition (100mb compresed and 500 descompresed aprox).
    3.- Flash recovery.img on recovery partition of minix.
    4.- Start minix on recovery mode for linux.

    =============== FAQ ================
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
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  2. ZIOLele

    ZIOLele Member

    mind to make an HOWTO?
  3. jps

    jps Member

    Yep, but for now i am wasting time to get 3D and 2D GPU Mali working. For now all desktop go to the cpu.. and take long time. You can NOT see flash or videos... for now the minix x5 can work as server.
  4. KaziQ

    KaziQ New Member

    Hey man,

    Thanks for working hard on this. I know they have released MALI GPU driver source codes for linux. You can try to compile those and add it to your kernel. If you can share your how to with all the details and modifications you have made, I am sure you can find people like me that can help you along the way in your journey.

    Also some people may want to use it as a server rather than a media server. So even in this phase your work may be very useful for others.
  5. jps

    jps Member

    You are rigth. A long this week i will try to write a doc and upload a image to fit on minix x5. For now, i have all a little bit disorganize on my ubuntu (i am testing a lot of things).
  6. Elmington

    Elmington Member

  7. Elmington

    Elmington Member

    Eh? I think i'll just wait till you have your setup ready
  8. jps

    jps Member

    I am spanish guy. Literal traducction is little bit offense. I have read "Urban dictionary" and i know now what u wanted to say.

    Excuse me, sorry about that :oops: .
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  9. jps

    jps Member

    For now, i have ubuntu with kernel source from andrewdb mixed with olegk0.
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  10. Elmington

    Elmington Member

    Lol! I mean 'usted es fresco'.
  11. Elmington

    Elmington Member

    I'm a looking forward to your document and upload. I am mucho excited!
  12. jps

    jps Member

    Updated post with server images.
  13. Elmington

    Elmington Member

    Good stuff mate. I'm away for the weekend. I downloaded the stuff, I will need to get an SD card first of all.

    Is this a dual boot?
  14. jps

    jps Member

    There are 2 ways:

    1.- DUAL BOOT: Flash "recovery.img" on "recovery" section. You will have android on normal boot (power button only) AND you will have linux on recovery boot (reset button + power button WITHOUT THE OTG CABLE PLUGGED)
    !! If you do this way, when u are on linux dont touch mtd partitions (its the minix flash and contains files from android !!

    2.- ONLY LINUX. Flash "recovery.img" on "boot" section. Then you will start on linux when power on the minix. And here, you can format on ext4 and mount the mtd partitions without problems (because you are not going to use android). On this way, if you wanna roll back to android, only flash the whole minix with a android system like "fitness" or the official android from minix.

    Choose like u want :)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
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  15. stratos

    stratos New Member

    Nice work guys, it would be really great to run Ubuntu on MINIX. Keep up the good work!
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  16. Elmington

    Elmington Member

    Thanks man!! Great info here. I have another question. Does this build have a GUI?

    Also if you have dual boot. How do you flash android without deleting Linux?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: sorry I see you have no gpu drivers I guess no GUI.
  17. jps

    jps Member

    Android is instaled on flash memory of minix and has 2 partitions to boot (named "boot" and "recovery").

    Linux is installed on the SDcard, and use the "recovery" to boot.

    If you reinstall android and it was a mistake, u only have to reflash the recovery section with my recovery.img and u will have linux again on recovery.

    NOTE: Obviusly, if u have a high SD memory, u can get 2 partitions:
    - MIN 4gb on ext4 with label "linuxroot"
    - The rest with ntfs for use on android and on linux too.
  18. Elona Dika

    Elona Dika New Member

    Hello , I am trying to run linux on neo x5 too, but I can't get it to work. my problem is that I cannot flash recovery (i don't know how) to give me the possibility to run on dual boot with android and ubuntu. . Can you please help me with more details how have you arranged to make your device with Linux. A step by step instruction or a link with details with be more than helpful. Till now i have rooted the device and installed CWM. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  19. marv

    marv New Member

    I tried it, it looks good. If I install X11, it dont even start up screen, do you have X11 working at least without acceleration as picuntu ?
    Since you say NAND driver is working, would it be possible to install ubuntu to nand? that would be great.

    Wondering if your kernel + modules with picuntu rootfs would work :)
  20. jps

    jps Member

    Yes, i have X11 support WITHOUT acceleration AND WITHOUT video decoder. I wanna mean, u only get a desktop that put a lot of load on cpu. I am working hard with this. This week and next, i will put a lot of work on this area.

    Yes, i think it is possible, but i cant get working for now. Anyway nand speed is 8Mb/s and MMC is a 30Mb/s (i prefer mmc now for the so). Anyway, with time, i will try a version installed on NAND. I wanna too repartition NAND.. but i dont know how to do this.

    Should work. Its more, when i started to try things on X5, the first thing i used was picuntu (kernel + so), obviusly with a lot of errors cause kernel its no the same.
  21. jps

    jps Member

    Sry Elona for waiting. There is a program, called RKtool for install new roms on the minix. Here is a link:
    - http://www.freak-tab.de/finless/neo_x5_finless_1_0_rom.zip

    This file contains new ANDROID rom and the program i tell u called "RKTOOL". With this program u can flash the recovery.img on recovery section. Read carefully the file readme. Dont flash all, because u will be flasing ALL WHOLE new android rom. Only flash my recovery.img. Take care about this.

    Next week i have vacations and i will write a guide. I am putting all effors on X11 to get a nice linux system on our minix yeah!.
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  22. Gh0st

    Gh0st Administrator Staff Member

    Great work jps! I'm really excited about the future of this.
  23. jps

    jps Member

    Thank you! :)
  24. jps

    jps Member

    For X11, there are 2 ways:
    - SUNXI
    - Olegk0: I think for know is the best but i cant get working

    Anyway, for try this, u need the modules: "mali","mali_drm","drm","ump","rk29_ipp" and "disp" (or "disp_ump", i think its the same). Tomorrow i will upload the binary modules that is working for me (disp_ump is not working.. i dont know why).

    If you wanna build your own drivers:

    NOTE: There is a guide from a guy that choose the way of sunxi.
    https://www.miniand.com/wiki/Mali G...X11 Display Drivers on headless Debian Wheezy
    I have no test it yet. And here u need the modules "hdmi" and "lcd" (i think from kernel sources, but i have the sources and i dont find them).
  25. ZIOLele

    ZIOLele Member

    aren't the under drivers/video/display ? i mean the driver hdmi and lcd

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