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Minix NEO A1 trouble

Discussion in 'NEO M1, A2, A1+, A1 Airmouse' started by Carambola, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Carambola

    Carambola New Member

    I don't know if it is a NEO A1 problem or not, but I can't use the keyboard to type into a text box in the majority of web pages. My device is NEO X5, the browser I use is Chrome.
    Does anyone notice this problem?
    There is a way to fix it?

  2. EdT

    EdT Active Member

    Does the pointer work properly ?
    Reinitiate the A1; pull out the nano dongle out, press UP/DOWN/ENTER keys together and the LED should flash, plug the nano dongle back while the LED is still flashing and it should stop once it recognizes the dongle.

    If the LED turns red, then just take out the battery and reinsert.
  3. Carambola

    Carambola New Member

    The pointer is working.
    Normally I can type with the keybord of the pointer.
    The problem happens every time I try to type something inside a text box (not the URLs text box) in the browser page. For example in the Google's home page I can't type anything with my pointer in the text box in the center of the page.
  4. maksimba

    maksimba New Member

    Dear friends! I bought MINIX NEO A1+ and used it 3 days for 1.5-2 hours with MINIX NEO X5. On June, 3, a problem occurred. MINIX NEO A1+ works properly only in distance of 30cm from USB receiver. I can not use it in 2-3 meters from USB receiver as I need. I changed the batteries for new twice. It is still not working. I plugged MINIX NEO A1+ to Windows PC instead of NEO X5. The problem is same, it is work only in maximum of 30 cm. MINIX NEO A1+ user guide say "If the air-mouse becomes out of control, press ESC + Y and wait until the red LED light turns off." I did it, but device has not a red light, only blue. The air-mouse still is not fully functional. Can you help me?
  5. pissos13

    pissos13 Member

    When you press ESC +y and you release both buttons do the blue led blinks 3 times?

    I would say probably your remote is damaged...

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  6. maksimba

    maksimba New Member

    When I release both buttons blue led blinks 8 times.
  7. pissos13

    pissos13 Member

    And still only works at 30cm?

    If so your remote is broken...

  8. Try changing the browser. I have similar problem with stock browser. I am not able to hit Enter from A1 keyboard. I press the key many times but nothing happens. Changed browser and everything works perfectly.
  9. maksimba

    maksimba New Member

    I think so too.

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