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Minix X5 tv output problem

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by Alan Dias, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    I just received a Minix X5 with the latest firmware installed from geekbuying.

    I have a problem with the Minix X5 box that I hope you can help me with.

    I connected it to my PC monitor using 1920x1080 resolution at 50hz and it works well. (Flickers at 60Hz - screen blanks for about 1/2 a sec)

    I connected it to my Bravia (2010 model) and it flickers at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz as well - screen blanks for about 1/2 a sec.

    I connected it to my Bravia (2007 model) and the screen is blank.

    All the displays work very well using a PS3 at 1080p - so the tvs / monitor is not the problem.

    I bought this Minix X5 so that I can use this on one of my tvs but it is not working properly so far.
    Please let me know if anyone has experienced problems like this and how to solve it.
  2. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    are you using the 1080p firmware or 720p firmware?
  3. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    Not sure - how do you check if it is 1080p or 720p? The firmware says Android 4.1.1 and I can select 720p and 1080p resolutions.
  4. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    does the firmware itself have 1080 in the name of the img file?

    if not, then that could be the reason for it flickering or not working. try "restore" to the 1080p version of the 4.1.1_0117 firmware.
  5. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    I have not flashed the box yet - it's the firmware that came with it.

    I'll try flashing the 1080p version and see if that fixes it. Thanks.

    Do you have any links / faqs on how to flash the firmware. Thanks
  6. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    ok, no problem. let me see what I can dig up

    go here and you will find a lot of useful info...
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2013
  7. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

  8. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    Flashed with 1080p firmware. No difference - the flicker is still there. Not sure what to do next.

    Am I the only one who has difficulty connecting the X5 to a tv?
  9. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    have you tried a different HDMI cable, not the one that came with the X5?

    for me I have no problems at all that everyone else is having with their units...I mean really...I have NONE of the many problems that people report here. maybe its cuz i'm really familiar with Android, i'm not sure.
  10. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    ..and is the tv a 60 Hz or a 50 Hz model..like in US/North America. Or I.e. EU which should be 50hz. That should matter as well...

    Ok I have no clue which one applies to Australia...

    But I do not have any of those problems either... However my tv is 720p 60hz...

    Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    I tried 3 different hdmi cables - all 3 worked on the pc monitor - a spare cable looked a bit dodgy - noise on the screen but the other 2 worked fine. I know they were working on the tv because one was used by a ps3 and the the other used by a pc - both are still connected to the tv.

    Using the minix x5 with the cables - same results : flickers a lot on one tv and displays nothing on the other.

    Australian tvs use 50hz so it should probably work with 720p 50hz or 1080p 50hz.

    Do you think that my box may be faulty - how do I check?
  12. MoeDee

    MoeDee Member

    Find another user in you geo zone and ask of any problems..

    Go to someone with another tv and check whether the problem follows.

    Contact Minix
    Return your device for repair..

    Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    I'm putting my observations here if anyone is interested.

    1. 4.1.1 firmware for 720p and 1080p
    2. tested on 4 different tvs.
    3. tested 3 different hdmi cables.

    Bottom line -
    I could not get this box to display 1080p on any of the tvs I tested.
    I managed to get 720p display working on 2 of the 4 tvs.
    I could get 1080p50 displaying an a Samsung pc monitor (24")

    As a comparison, 1080p can be displayed with a ps3 on 3 of the 4 tvs. For the other tv, the ps3 runs at 1080i.

    Doing these tests, I noticed that the 720p firmware looks better on screen than the 1080p firmware - just my 2 cents.
  14. Stoney

    Stoney New Member

    Did you sort your flickering problems out? I have the same problem on my neo x7 mini. Tried three different roms and I get flickering on all of them.
  15. Alan Dias

    Alan Dias New Member

    No still does not work. I haven't used my minix x5 in months - its just gathering dust. It's a pity beacause it it worked ok, I would have got one for each tv in the house.

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