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My PC won't recognize the MINIX device

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini' started by seb5959, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. seb5959

    seb5959 New Member

    Hello, I just bought a Minix NEO 5 mini but it is not recognized on my computer.

    I installed the latest tool released by RK on two different computers (Windows 7 64 bits)

    I checked the parameter of the Minix NEO 5 mini :

    - Parameters \ Device \ USB: check the connection to the PC is checked ==> OK
    - Parameters \ Device \ Storage: go to the right corner, click and select USB connection to the computer and then connect as mass storage ==> OK
    - Parameter \ System \ Option Developer: check USB debugging ==> OK

    I use the USB cable supplied by the manufacturer

    When I plug my USB cable to the computer, nothing happens, I do not even have a sound telling me that a USB device is connected.

    I feel that the USB cable is not working and if this is the case, I can not do the firmware update :-(

    Can you help me ?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  2. seb5959

    seb5959 New Member


    I bought another USB cable but it does not change, I don't understand ?? :(
    I must not do things correctly

    Help, please.....;)

    Good evening
  3. seb5959

    seb5959 New Member


    I managed to get out, it's OK
  4. jonahpsx

    jonahpsx New Member

    what did you do to get recognized by the pc? i have the same problem

    update: i just unplugged the hdmi cable and this time got recognized by the pc, maybe it's just a coincidence...
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
  5. mrch1ppy

    mrch1ppy Member

    You have to select connect to pc (tick box in android dash) then I found changing the usb socket worked for me.
  6. scooter2011

    scooter2011 Well-Known Member

    Same here and for some strange reason it likes to fully boot once as well. Good luck.
  7. viper111

    viper111 New Member

    Hello I have simillar problem, maybe you can help me?

    I connected the Minix x7 mini to my PC via USB cable (included in oryginal box). I installed the drivers on PC. In the Minix I checked "Conect to PC" and checked "USB debugging".

    Now I see on my PC the device - it is called Android ADB Interface. But when I open the Rockchip Batch Tool there is nothing connected:(
  8. seb5959

    seb5959 New Member

    Hello, Personally, I noticed that it works, I had unchecked "Connect to PC" and a second time checked "Connect to PC"
    It's really weird, but if I do not do this manipulation, it does not work
  9. viper111

    viper111 New Member

    I did it to but nothing show up in the Rockchip Batch Too.

    p.s. I can not finde this in my minix --> Storage: go to the right corner, click and select USB connection to the computer and then connect as mass storage ==> OK

    Was it important in your case?
  10. viper111

    viper111 New Member

    Hi, finally I connected one time starting from beginning with this instructions: http://minixforums.com/threads/neo-x7-mini-006-firmware-12th-september.2328/

    Here is the Firmware upgrade procedure for Minix Neo x7mini device:
    Power on and connect your Minix Mini to your PC using the supplied Male-Male USB cable.
    If the device won't be detected by the PC then enable the Enable "Connect to PC" on Android Settings -> USB.
    Now your PC will detect the device as external storage.
    Now, unplug the power and usb cable from X7mini. Connect the usb cable first. While keeping the reset button pressed (at the bottom of the x7mini; use a pin) , plug in the power. Keep the reset button pressed for another 4-6 seconds and release. At this point, the Windows PC should be connected to the X7mini and the PC goes into a looking-for-driver search mode. When prompted (after exhausting the auto search), point the PC to the driver folder location above. Remember to use the correct location relevant to your PC config (e.g. x7mini\NEO_USBdriverV3.5\Win32bit\win7).If it does not prompt, go to device manager on the windows and configure the driver manually.
    Once this is successfully completed, run RKbatchtool.exe. It should show a "connected devices" square icon in GREEN. Choose RESTORE (Important: do NOT use Upgrade) button and point to the firmware file in the folder created in Step 1. The firmware upgrade will begin and do not press any buttons or unplug anything until the process is fully finished.
    The X7mini will reboot itself with the newly updated firmware, the whole process may take upto 10 mins.​

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