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NEO X5 0117 1080 firmware

Discussion in 'MINIX NEO X5 Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. pocketmon

    pocketmon New Member

    Agree. This is the best firmware ever. It is even better than 720p version, although it was supposed to be the same.
  2. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    Minix link must be down for theee batch tool/remote/driver.rar i cant seem to download it. no mater what browser i try..


    Sent from my NEO-X5 using Tapatalk HD
  3. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    all files on our FTP have been deleted by someone, have to upload all over again.
    Congratulations! I wish the guy, whoever did this, would die of a horrible car accident.
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  4. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    words should look unclear once downscaled...
  5. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    Man i guess i need to buy a new TV my old but very nice Mitsubishi 55" DLP is not liking the 1080 firmware which is strange as most things connected to it work ok. but this gives me the extra push to get a new TV ;)
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  6. Gh0st

    Gh0st Administrator Staff Member

    Hahaha you're a man, the wind changing directions is enough of a push to get a new TV :p

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  7. jlcd

    jlcd New Member

    You can try this site

  8. Massimiliano

    Massimiliano New Member

    Hi, I followed your instructions to install xbmc+mx player 177 and it works quite good but I have a questions: is there any setting to select mx player as default or how do I make them work together?
  9. Misbah

    Misbah Member

    From another forum I found that current builds of xaf will automatically use the mx player as default (I can't remember which forum it is). In case it ask for video player, chose mx player. Since you got it working, I think xbmc is using mx player by default.
  10. kevinlamb

    kevinlamb New Member

    ALWAYZBLESS , Thanks for reply. I got your msg after going to the Minix office to have a check. And the truth was that, after the investigation by the technician at Minix, the original USB cable problem was found to be broken near the plug (I was just like jackie-chan-WTF-meme at that time haa). I had thought that may be the problem of the cable, but I was not careful enough that I only test it to see if it was able to charge up my phone + It was really a brand new cable taken out from the box. I should be more aware of this next time.

    MINIX , I did went to the Kowloon Bay office, and the staff there was really nice and helpful to explain and demonstrate wht was going on with my X5 and the cable. Thank you very much.

    My X5 is now upgraded ("restore" I mean) to the 1117 1080P fireware and works like a charm, I am really satisfy with this and is going to explore more on this device.
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  11. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    i'm glad to hear this.
  12. ZMEU.NET

    ZMEU.NET Member

    lol only a bad usb cable...
  13. Massimiliano

    Massimiliano New Member

    Hi, thanks for your help, confirmed that xbmc started using mx player since I first chose it.
  14. minixfreak

    minixfreak New Member

    Wow 1080p is pretty. This firmware works pretty good for me.

    Even xbmc from xbmc-android (http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-android/downloads/list) and Mx player. I am able to stream remote video. Choppy a bit @ 720p and 1080p, at least some streams. Might be a network speed issue though and buffering. But still very usable for most sources. Menus sure seem snappy.
  15. Raph4

    Raph4 Member

    this firmware has low performance, unusable for playing.
  16. cekmece

    cekmece New Member

    is NEO X5 0117 1080 firmware root? if it is not how can i root it

    thanks to minix for x5........ it is great box..
  17. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    The Minix firmwares are not rooted. If you want to root, check out my root thread in the development section, Do Not use the one that is stickied, that one does not push all the files.

    Go here...http://minixforums.com/index.php?posts/3555

    HTC EVO LTE with Tapatalk
  18. londonzombie

    londonzombie New Member

    Hi all, I have just upgraded "restored" to the 1080 firmware, I have noticed that since this the whole OS seems to be very very slow, even when clicking mouse buttons it can take a good few seconds to catch up, Is anyone else seeing this or know what the cause of this is??
    Thanks in advance!
  19. Lukas

    Lukas Member

    Are a lot of people having performance issues with the 1080p FW im still on stock FW guessing its 720p so was about to upgrade but i wont bother if it has problems.
  20. onelovekir

    onelovekir Moderator Staff Member

    Honestly for me, I have no problems other than the usual limitations of Android.

    HTC EVO LTE with Tapatalk
  21. Edisoft

    Edisoft Member

    I'm using 1080p firmware since it was released by minix. All I did, was rooted and removed unneeded Chinese apps. It is working for me stable without any problems. I think most problems are related to the TV (monitor) it is connected to. If it has full 1080p support, no problems exist.
  22. davergaver

    davergaver New Member

    I just buahgt an x5 and when u go to install this firmware it rkbatch formats it then downloads the firmware to the device. when it reaches 25% it failes and the icon goes red.... do I have to root my x5?
  23. Edisoft

    Edisoft Member

    As I understand you are trying to update firmware. What button in rkbatchtool do you use to update firmware: upgrade or restore?
    Root has nothing to do with firmware updating and wont help you at all.
  24. davergaver

    davergaver New Member

    I fixed it....the connection for the usb was loose

    Thanks for your help
  25. 0ldn4vy

    0ldn4vy New Member

    Is there a way to upgrade this Minix Using a Linux Based Host...?

    The only instructions I can find for upgrading involve a Windows PC... Don't Have....

    Please Tell me, there's a way to upgrade a Linux Based Android Box with a Linux Based Host...
    Thank You!

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