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New to Minix, got Geo X5, but sadly having to return it.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dennis Rogers, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Dennis Rogers

    Dennis Rogers New Member

    Just got a Minix Geo X5, after reading the specs, looks like the best Google/PC box out their, great specs, more memory than others and very quick.

    I had to send mine back, got it from Geekbuying, but their service is poor, and no luck in being able to send it back to them, but Minix themselves are going to look at it, and replace it.

    My Problem is, it's so unstable, locks up, or reboots up to several times an hour, so highly disappointed, and seems to not support a USB stick, or hdd.

    Had a Mele and as far as using an hdd drive was, it was great, and could even plug in a hdd directly in the top, but was very slow compared to the Minix.

    Just hope, this time get a good one without lockups. Was a bit disappointed this is happening, and hope it's not a common fault with instability.

    2 comments, the IR controller is a joke and total junk, got a Mele F10, works great.

    The build quality could have been better, my Mele had a bigger stronger build and finish. The Minix looks almost a copy of apple TV, same design, but bigger.

    But the Minix Geo X5 is fast and far more apps are compatible then my Mele was.
  2. b1gbleu

    b1gbleu New Member

    wanna sell your remote?

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