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rk3188-t OR rk3188????

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by Stuart Buchanan, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Stuart Buchanan

    Stuart Buchanan New Member

  2. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    They are RK3188. Definitely not RK3188-T.
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  3. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    RK3188T is weak, we are not going to use it.

    We will stick to the current RK3188 chip, even though it's more expensive.

    Weakening users' experience is not what we want to do.
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  4. Stuart Buchanan

    Stuart Buchanan New Member

    You have made a vital choice in staying with the quality chip and not making a few extra dollar's, other big names are loosing credibility as they have been found to have RK118-t Chips and they are locked at 1.4, peopel will not buy from these cheats and will come to MINIX!

    I ordered another 5 mini's all for friends who want what I have, I use the quickshot rom on mine clocked to 1.7 cpu, 720 ram, @1080p its soo fast it not far off my i3 itx HTPC!!

    Thank you for a quality product :) (Except the power supply lol)
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  5. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    Why not the power supply?
    We have spent a lot on the power supply than others. Is it the YS brand you're talking about? That's our original part.

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