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Six Axis touch list coming soon!

Discussion in 'Apps' started by KeepInItDroid, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    Working on some games

    Modern combat 3
    Modern combat 4
    Need for speed more most wanted

    More coming
    Please post your working profiles :D

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  2. genny

    genny Active Member

    how can i install Modern combat 3 or Modern combat 4 on the X5
    i not see it on google play

    i changed build.prop and installed but not work.

    how did you run these games ?
  3. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    Hey what I did was installed them on my galaxy s iii and then just backed up the apk then installed them on the minix box that's it.

    So grab a friends device if you don't have one install it use rom tool box to back up your app. And I put the apk on a password protected dropbox folder then download it on my minix x5.

    :cool: profit a cheep game console where the games only cost 99 cents to 6 bucks cant beat that!

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  4. genny

    genny Active Member

    What is your android version ??

    I tryed with 4.1.1

    I installed the game directly from google play
    My build.prop is changed to be a galaxy s 3
    I can download and install but not work.

    For many rk3066 devices there is in internet a patch to fix gameloft games (framework.jar) from crystian troy but not work on X5

    Can i see a video of you playng with some gameloft game ?

    And can you show me your android version ?

    Also free gameloft games like sixgun not work.

    Please test sixgun is free.
  5. Zach Morrow

    Zach Morrow Member

    I got the APK and SD files from a torrent for Modern Combat 4 but they wouldnt install properly on the X5. I have an old Optimus V phone that is rooted. If I downloaded/installed the game to that how would I go about making a backup of the game? Also are you using the sixaxis app with Droidmote and then creating touch profiles in droidmote or do the touch profiles you created in the sixaxis app work? Because I couldnt get the profiles in the sixaxis app to work? Thanks for your help.
  6. genny

    genny Active Member

    for touch profiles, look the new version of DroidMote Client, you not need anymore sixaxis app. you can forward directly hardware controller commands from the gamepad tab of DroidMote Client.

    if DroidMote Client is in default controller mode you send a real controller, if DroidMote Client is set to Gamepad2Touch and you load a touch profile, you play also with multi-touch games
  7. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    Android 4.1 if I have time I will post a video?? Why you need proof I have no clue why anyone would lie about what they are doing.

    Don't change your build prop to an s3!

    And I will try six guns

    I can post only free apk file don't download torrents of paid apps Jesus its only 6 bucks I pay for every app I own because that's how we get good apps the more the dev sees what cash he or she gets the more they will work on it.

    I will ban people for supporting warez on this site!!

    But like I was saying I will post FREE to play games from my stash of apps I back up so you guys can try them out or if you paid for the app I will email you a apk of the app if you have proof that it was paid for.

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  8. genny

    genny Active Member

    in android 4.1.1 and 4.2 paid apps not have an apk but an asec that is an apk encrypted with your device id.

    this is not exportable to other device.

    the problem of most rk3066 devices is that this devices not have an android device id

    if you correct your rom introducing an android device id all this games can work.

    port the apk from a device to another, can work only if you get the apk from a device < 4.1.1

    this is a serious problem, you must resolv by adding in your roms the device id that google want, otherwise in little time many games and app can't work on minix devices.

    look for Christian Troy solution on many rk3066 device. (famework.jar with fake device id)
    all stock rom of rk3066 devices have this problem.

    a good cyanogenmod can solve all problems. i hope
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  9. KeepInItDroid

    KeepInItDroid Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure if that is true as I IMPORT and EXPORT apps to and from all my devices running all versions of android.. but I'm sorry I cant make my list till further notice my ps3 controller was stolen from me..

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