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Sixaxis Control and the Neo X5

Discussion in 'Apps' started by evil-doer, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. evil-doer

    evil-doer New Member

    I was really hoping to get to play a bunch of games i normally play on my tablet on my tv with a ps3 gamepad, like beach buggy blitz. but when i try to map any buttons to screen touches it says something about the x5 not having a touch interface?

    is there any way around this? i know you can also play this game with tilt, i dont want to do that, unless i can map the tilting to the gamepads analog joystick. anyone? help?

    thanks in advance.
  2. genny

    genny Active Member

    For now you can create touch profiles only with DroidMote. And play also with your hardware controller with multi-touch-only games like in this video:

    Modern Combat 4 with Logithech F710
  3. evil-doer

    evil-doer New Member

    ok ive got droidmote working, i can make profiles, this all seems to work fine. but im having trouble finding out how to get those keys mapped to my xbox 360 controller? where is this documentation for this?


    Why would you use droidmote + sixaxiscontroller I dont understand.. sixaxiscontroller is stand alone app it doesnt need any additional software
  5. Alfonso Munoz

    Alfonso Munoz New Member

    I previously asked about this on another thread. The problem is that our device doesnt have the drivers for a touchscreen. In other words the roms tell sixaxis we dont have a touchscreen!! Therefore when sixaxis starts you see the "touch emulation disabled" This means sixaxis app cant apply the touch profiles even if we create them :( Bummer i know. It seems its possible to add the functionality to a rom but not many people ask for such a thing as they dont use it for gaming, in my case i do. I know droidmote works and i have even tried it and although it is useful i dont think its practical. (You need a computer to create the profile and connect every time you startup , occasional keylags, Wont work if no wifi) Anyway hope one day touch drivers will be inserted into a rom to fool the sixaxis app. For now im sticking to games that support gamepads. You can search Xperia Play Optimized games as those seem to work with the Ps3 control.
  6. genny

    genny Active Member

    The situation is not as described above, in my opinion.

    You can use only DroidMote and your hardware controller, without any other apps. DroidMote forward directly the buttons and axis of your hardware controller, and the touch profile are on Client side. It is easier to change touch profile on the phone, than on device connected to the TV.

    For Alfonso Munoz :
    The touch profile can also be edited on the phone with a simple text editor, you do not need Windows necessarily. The touch profile is a simple plain text xml file in wich you find the remote screen coordinate. Very simple to change for all. There are also tools online to find sceen coordinate on a picture.

    But this is not the main point that interests me. The most important thing is:

    Many games not support mouse actions, many games need free style multi-touch actions with a multi-touch touchpad or you can't continue the game. Map all menu buttons of a game is not usefull, map only the in-game action is easiest. For swith between touch profile you need a mouse. etc. etc. etc.

    The perfect solution for multi-touch-only games is that you load touch profiles on your phone, and the controller became an extention of your phone.
    In this mode you have mouse, touchmouse, multi-touch actions, keyboard , hardware controller and you can do all without raising his ass from the chair.

    If it was been useful, I would put the touch profile directly on DroidMote Server and not on DroidMote Client. And you can use only DroidMote Server with your hardware controller to play multi-touch-only games. But this is not usefull, you need also other methods of interaction.

    For evil-doer :

    When you connect an hardware controller to your android device, it need a Keylayout files in the form Vendor_xxxx_Product_xxxx.kl where the first xxxx is the vendor id and the second xxxx is the product id. It is stored in the folder /system/usr/keylayout.

    If you not have one, it use the android Generic.kl, but this can cause problem because it can't be compatible with your hardware controller.

    In this Keylayout files you can customize button and axis, Therefore, modifying it, you can also change the way it interacts with DroidMote Client.

    A practical use, would be, for example, this:

    The START button of your hardware controller, press the ARROW LEFT button of the DroidMote Client soft gamepad, you not like this.
    You can change this modifying your Vendor_xxxx_Product_xxxx.kl of your hardware controller.
    Open the Vendor_xxxx_Product_xxxx.kl, find the key code relative to START button, and assign to it for example the X button.

    From this moment when you press START button on your hardware controller, you press the X button on DroidMote Client soft gamepad.

    In this mode all possible configuration and preferences are possible. Of course this is an operation that is performed only once, should that became necessary.

    But Attention:

    All buttons and axis of the xbox 360 controller and other popular controllers, are already all mapped in DroidMote Client, open the app "Touch Profile Creator" to map directly the buttons and axis of your xbox 360 controller.
    In the last "Touch Profile Creator" version you can see both hardware and software buttons to map.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2013
  7. thewootts

    thewootts New Member

    I specifically bought my x5 for gaming and vids in my camper be great to get sixaxsis mapping feature to work! I've been fiddling with mine for ages, it works as a basic controller but none of the touch profiles I've created for different games work :-( . really happy with the neo x5 tho fantastic little device!!

    Am i right in saying the touch drivers would be in the kernel, maybe the could be added and flashed in?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2013
  8. Alfonso Munoz

    Alfonso Munoz New Member

    Good question! Only a developer would know if the kernel is compiled with the touchscreen ability. :/ So I second that question.
  9. Lucamic70

    Lucamic70 New Member

    I have ps3 controller correctly paired with neo x5 with sixaxis pairing tool. When I run this tool I cannit pair the ps3 keypad any more in the bluetooth options. Closing sixaxis pairing tool I can pair the keypad. Does anybody know how to pair them at the same time? Thank you

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