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Upgrading firmware fro ICS (4.0.4) to JB (4.1.1) - against all odds :-)

Discussion in 'NEO G4' started by galvann, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. galvann

    galvann Member

    OK, I did manage to upgrade but it was not as easy. I'm writing for others who may encounter similar problems . Basically I was following this tutorial on youtube - .

    Problems I have encountered :

    1. Restore hole - this one is so small that I realized after few trials I can't push inner button with a small nail. Blaming old eyes and it was dark evening yesterday o_O . So - be sure to use something like paper clip and listen for a 'click'. If you can push and hear a click - that's good and you can go ahead.

    2. RockUSB drivers - those are not installing easily. First I get this yellow triangle warning in Windows Device Manager, second time system used drivers properly.

    3. The most annoying thing - I always make any firmware upgrades on my litlle netbook - just in case of power down. This one has 8' screen. Flashtool window is simply to big to use commands at the bottom - geez... Window cannot be resized so I was pretty @#$$#% at the moment. I did it finally rotating the screen 90 degrees but probably not everyone will think about that :cool:

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