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USB Audio Support

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by rdsu, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. rdsu

    rdsu New Member


    I would like to know if NEO X7/X7mini have USB Audio Support, to connect a DAC like, for example, DragonFly DAC?

    Thanks for your support!
  2. ski522

    ski522 Active Member

    The G4 and X5 do, see no reason why the X7 would support a USB DAC.
  3. rdsu

    rdsu New Member

    Why not?

    Android already support it, and we can have it on newest android smartphones, so why not NEO X7/X7mini too?
  4. ski522

    ski522 Active Member

    LOL...typo...meant to say I see no reason why the X7 wouldn't support a USB DAC.
  5. rdsu

    rdsu New Member

    Ah! :)

    If it works then is great... ;)
  6. Moolok

    Moolok New Member

    I can confirm that FiiO E07k (dac) + E09k (amp) combo works perfectly.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4
  7. rdsu

    rdsu New Member

    Thanks :)

    I will take a look to mini version...
  8. rdsu

    rdsu New Member

    But using USB or by OTG port?
  9. Moolok

    Moolok New Member

    USB port. I have Minix Neo X7 with 004 firmware.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4
  10. Stephen Charchuk

    Stephen Charchuk Well-Known Member

    The OTG port is an USB port. It comes with an adapter.
  11. rdsu

    rdsu New Member

    Thanks ;)
  12. Moolok

    Moolok New Member

    I meant the "normal" 2.0 USB port. Not mini-USB.

    Sent from my NEO-X7-216A using Tapatalk 4
  13. Stephen Charchuk

    Stephen Charchuk Well-Known Member

    Normal? So, a mini USB port is abnormal? Why would they include an adapter to full size if it wouldn't work properly? Its a USB 2.0 port as well.
  14. Moolok

    Moolok New Member

    Whatever floats your boat man. Just tried to help...

    Sent from my NEO-X7-216A using Tapatalk 4
    dan foster likes this.
  15. Stephen Charchuk

    Stephen Charchuk Well-Known Member

    You'll be surprised at what floats my boat.... :rolleyes:
  16. Ujjwal John

    Ujjwal John Member

    My Audioengine D1 DAC works with Neo X7 out-of-the box on both USB and Toshlink. Since I have hooked on Optical, I am not sure the existing USB drivers can do 24bit/192Khz like you need special driver to do on Windows.

    Sounds perfect. Wondering wha DACs Neo X7 internally has ! Dont expect much, as I am going to hookup my X7 with a dedicated Audiophile grade Audio Processor/AV receiver with decent Burr-Brown/TI/AD DAC.
  17. Stager

    Stager New Member

    Yes, usb audio output work, but a 44.1 sampling rate only (my DAC has indicate it).
    Impossible to listen a track with high quality :-(
  18. Mark lim

    Mark lim Active Member

    Dun think DAC work well with X7. If I connect DAC, it seem my X7 crashed more often.
  19. frankghe

    frankghe New Member

    I have a neo x7 box (neo-x7-216A), Android 4.2.2, kernel 3.0.36+, build rk31sdk-eng-4.2.2.

    I succeeded to connect the box to my V-DAC II )from Musical Fidelity). I can play music through the DAC but there are coutinuous clicks, so it is just unusable. Anyone experiencing this problem ? Suggestions of solutions ? thanks
  20. Ujjwal John

    Ujjwal John Member

    I have hooked up my Minix X7 to CA Dacmagic through S/PDIF cable and it sounds just awesome. If you are referring to 'Click' from UI actions like click/selection of items, you can disable/remove them. If you are experiencing random 'Jitter' sound then may be there is issue with the USB driver. Move to SPDIF Pass-through and you would not regret/
  21. jlucasacul

    jlucasacul New Member

    I received a Neo x7 in the post and updated with latest kernel. I use a async usb (amanero usb > buffalo dac), which as you note, results in some digital noise, clicks. This happens if nothing else connected but even more so if I have usb keyboard plugged in also (Logitech k400). Would be good to have this working, not sure if its a hardware (earth / isolation) or software problem at the moment.

    As above, spdif optical will do if this cant be resolved, but usb/asnyc facility and output spec control would allow to fully take over SQ advantage of PC&foobar.

    Otherwise the neo7 is pretty great.
  22. frankghe

    frankghe New Member

    I have also a Rapoo remote keyboard connected. this might be the reason for the disturbance of the USB over audio. I moved to spdif and it works perfectly. Sound is actually even much better than what i achieved with my V-DAC when input was coming from USB (connexion to my notebook).
  23. Oleg Popadici

    Oleg Popadici New Member

    Hello I received Neo X7 yesterday and I have the same problem. I use a async usb DAC Arcam rDAC and results in some digital noise (but with music).
    I want use usb because spdif is not the same ! Async usb is better ! (I don't want to explain why. We can read many article about this).

    Second problem is about using of my bluetooth remote Lenovo N5902. It don't work normally. Scroll down work if I connect remote after power on. But after sleep or power off "scroll down" don't work !

    For the moment I regret about this buying (Neo x7). I am not satisfy. There is many bugs !
  24. mirekti

    mirekti New Member

    Any updates on this topic?
    I plan on geting Audioengine A2+ so I could listen to the music and turn the TV off. A2+ has built in DAC, and according to the head fi forum the sound is quite better when using an external DAC than 3.5mm. Not sure what kind of DAC is in Minix, and unfortunatelly, A2+ doesn't have spdif port.

    In addition, I wondered if it was possible to change the default value of audio output level? If one rebootes the Minix, it would always boot up with the audio set to max level. I'd like to set it to boot at let's say 50% of laudness. Does this seam feasible?
    Last edited: May 6, 2014
  25. mirekti

    mirekti New Member

    I just want to report that USB Audio works in the combination Minix + Audioengine A2.
    There are some minor things that should be improved.
    1. If the device is rebooted, one has to manually select the USB Audio out. I wish this was not the case.
    2. After reboot the volume level is alway at it's max. Kind of annoying.

    3. Following is the biggest issue. If I play Radio on XBMC let's say at 40% of volume, and hit the home button, the output of the volume would be much louder for few seconds (during the trasition from XBMC to Minix Home screen), and than it would stop (actually, the music would be paused). Once I go back to the XBMC, and press the play button, it starts playing it loud like it was when I hit the home button. When I click to turn down the volume, the volume bar goes one level lower than the original state (before hitting the home button), and the volume is back at let's say 33%.

    Has anybody else noticed this issue?

    I am running the latest firmware (010 30th April).

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