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Windows driver and flash tool

Discussion in 'General' started by MINIX, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

  2. Molle

    Molle Active Member

    Just to note that these drivers are not compatible with Windows 8.1.
  3. Mark lim

    Mark lim Active Member

    Any idea how to get the drivers for win 8.1?
  4. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    How long did these company's know that windows 8.1 was coming a year or more, did they think people would not need drivers for the only OS that you can flash there devices with...what a joke..!!!
  5. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    Calm down... let us check with the great Rockchip, OK?
  6. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    OK I've calmed down, thanks for that I was starting to freak out...

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  7. DiZet

    DiZet New Member

    Any news on this?
  8. DiZet

    DiZet New Member

    Ok. Temporary workaround for windows 8.1 users until we get the drivers.
    1. Connect your device to the computer in flash mode. The computer will say “USB Device Not Recognized”. Go to Device Manager and you will see your device listed as “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” in “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section
    2. Now in “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section you should also have “USB Root Hub”’s (might be several of them). Click through them and find the one that has “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” in the “Power” tab (should be next to General).
    3. Right click on that “USB Root Hub” and press “Disable”. Now you should have a small arrow pointing down on the USB Root Hub icon and the “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” should have disappeared.
    4. Now you have to go to the folder where the RKBatchTool is located on your system. Find the file "config.ini" and open it. Find the section where it says:
    #SUPPORTLOWUSB=TRUE时,扫描支持full speed usb设备,默认只支持high speed usb设备

    Write TRUE next to the second “SUPPORTLOWUSB=”

    It should be like this:

    #SUPPORTLOWUSB=TRUE时,扫描支持full speed usb设备,默认只支持high speed usb设备

    Save the file and open the RKBatchTool as usual and you should see the green square in Connected Devices.

    Now you will be able to flash the rom. The flashing process might take longer than usual but it works.

    P.S: If you have never previously installed Rockchip drivers on your system you might need to do those steps before doing the ones above:
    1) First you need do reboot windows with driver signature disabled: configure->change pc settings-> update & recovery -> recovery-> advanced startup -> troubleshoot -> advanced options -> restart -> 7

    2) After reboot, go to folder where is windows 8 rockchip driver: right click on rockusb.inf and click install.
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  9. vbhat

    vbhat New Member

    My mini Neo X7 does not recognize any usb device I connect it to. Though I was able to upgrade firmware to pre007. Please help
  10. EdT

    EdT Active Member

    More reasons for Minix to use an update.zip file to update firmware like other Android mini PC manufacturers !
  11. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    Thanks for this work around, wonder how long more we will have to wait for drivers for 8.1 it's been out 2 mouths now...
  12. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    They replied the driver works with 8.1 which is obviously not true, we're still pushing them on this.

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  13. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    seems that RockChip is lying company. It looks like performance of 3188 chipset is not as they said, seems that this is only half developed product with many problems and that things they say is not 100% true. Maybe next generation of Minix devices should have components of other supplier.
  14. Unfortunately workaround does not work...
  15. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    Be fair you can't blame them for this, when they launched the product there was no windows 8.1...

    從我的 用 iPhone 發送
  16. DiZet

    DiZet New Member

    Just flashed the latest firmware on x5mini and x7mini. Works here…
  17. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

  18. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos Member

  19. originaljon

    originaljon New Member

    OK... I followed all the steps... and still can not update to the latest firmware... Im stuck on the pre007.... Running windows 8.1 on ALL of my home computers... so I tried the other computers and it STILL DIDNT WORK!!! MINIX please come up with a solution so that I can do the update! I've even loaded the img file on the drive of the minix so if a recovery was available to access I could flash it from their without the computer. Please help!

  20. router.exe

    router.exe New Member

    is there any news on winows 8.1 compatibility?
  21. MichaelPhillipis

    MichaelPhillipis New Member

    I don’t know whether it will work for any other machine so try it at your own risk...
  22. Matrix

    Matrix Member

    Maybe someone should try on a virtual machine with Win7 and see if it works with a VM with USB port connected to the host.
    I have gave up on Windows 8.1 after it screwed up so many things...now back to Windows 7...and happy with it!
  23. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos Member

    Dont work, tested con Vmware and Box with no luck

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  24. tuuker

    tuuker New Member

    Just install win 7 which is last good windows anyway.
  25. Randomname

    Randomname New Member

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