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XBMC discussion

Discussion in 'XBMC for MINIX discussion' started by MINIX, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    Dear all,

    Let's discuss things about XBMC here!

    Right now we recommend the Gotham alpha 1 (0219) + advancedsettings.xml patch.

    Tell us if you have a better option please!:cool:

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  2. AngryBird

    AngryBird Member

    Pre-006 1080fb firmware:
    1) Tested OUYA XBMC not able to playback 1080 video streaming from NAS, experienced slow motion.
    2) XAF XBMC (using MX Player as external player) performs quite well with 1080 video streaming from NAS.
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  3. Zoobaby

    Zoobaby New Member

    The only things I want are filmon and the bbc and itv players , problems at the moment at the xbmc camp ...But I hope for good outcome.
  4. EdT

    EdT Active Member

    XAF XBMC with XBMC Hub Wizard = XBMC Wizard Edition !
    So Ouya XBMC doesn't look so hot now ?

    Why is XAF XBMC 12.3 69KB vs Ouya 12.3 51KB ?
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013
  5. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    For testing purposes I used XAF version together with MXPlayer Free to play movies. I scanned a small directory with HD 1080p and 720P files. After scraping all info into XBMC I tried to play all sorts of files, Stereo, AC3, DTS in combinations with different resolution, all worked great almost PERFECT. Few dropped frames occasionally does not bother me if beside that movie plays flawlessly. I tried movies and TV shows (because of size of files. First test I did on my Acer 19'' monitor, after that on LED Samsung TV. Acer have highest resolution 1280x960, Samsung is FullHD. On both devices movie played great. I decided to give X7 final run (after 4 weeks owning this device it is still not placed under TV and put to work. all I did is just testing and flashing new ROMs). I decided to scrape whole disk with all music, TV Shows and Movies. almost 2GB of files. I can tell scraping took hours, but my library was full with all.

    I took device and place it under TV, connect all cables, and started it. First I started movies and shows I tested with almost empty library. I was surprised. Video started to have problems, stuttering is now noticeable, annoying. Even 720p 25minute long TV show started to suffer from stuttering a lot. I played with output resolution of HDMI, lowering refresh rate to 24 (which lead to mouse problem where mouse is slow and jumps a lot), to lower resolution to 720p, but things just got little better, but not great as it was while testing.

    This leads me to conclusion that library size plays a huge role in smooth play of files.

    Also a problem with XAF version that watched movies is not marked as watched automatically, so you have to do it manually.
  6. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    Another XBMC XAF problem I experienced.

    I installed XWMM addon to be able to edit smoe movie infos and put them into groups. This Add on is actually a web interface.

    With this Addon set as a default web interface, my XBMC with MXPlayer Free played movies in slow motion, something like 5 frames per second. Also, during that time my A2 Airmouse was pluged in. After I unpluged A2 and turned off ALL web interfaces and HTTP control, vide played well but with problems mentioned in my earlier post (increased stuttering).
  7. Casanoaa

    Casanoaa Member

    I cant play my live streams with XAF and mx player. I experience shutdown of xbmc when i press play.
  8. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    Today I was watching TV show Jericho, encoded in 480 size.
    1. Tried with X7 set to 1080/60 -Not good
    2. X7 set to 1080 24 - Not good
    3. Set X7 to 720/50 - not good. C'mon, it is only 480, not even 720 and it played bad. I experienced audio is desyncing in constant pace, and at the end it was huge. Also, first episode I launched,and when it finished my XBMC showed up with that episode selected. I played next one immediately, and after that second episode finished and MXPlayer stoped, I was facing Android home screen. Pressing button for active aplication nothing showed up, my XBMC was shutted down. I opened XBMC again, and than MXPlayer also showed in active aplications, which was strange for me.

    It seems that XAF+MXPlayer is not a happy combination.

    PS. Can somebody confirm which kernel plays 1080p and other files better, 006b, or 006b_1080? I think that I'm going to reflash this device once again.
  9. AngryBird

    AngryBird Member

    I have encountered the XAF XBMC lost it's settings some of the time.
    Twice, I have to set back my video file paths to point it back to my NAS.
    I think the XAF version still got many bugs hidden.
  10. Lukas

    Lukas Member

    I wouldn't use XAF or Gotham & wouldn't recommend either!

    XAF contains a MASSIVE amount of bloatware, generally is a bit of a mess & doesn't stream content from the internet properly as it scrambles the image. Any version of Gotham is still Alpha so breaks all plugins & has stability issues so is also pointless. The worst bit about Gotham is when it does end up breaking everything you cant then go back & install an old version of XBMC keeping your plug-ins & settings. You have to completely remove it & start again.

    I've used all versions, which as I said above is a pain in the ass when it comes to Gotham uninstall/reinstall but none are better all-round for quality & stability than the official Frodo 12.2, not by a noticeable long stretch!
  11. AngryBird

    AngryBird Member

    Since you've tested the official Frodo 12.2 version, is it able to steam 1080p video files from NAS and playback smoothly?
  12. Handroid

    Handroid Member

    There is no XBMCversion for Android yet that can stream 1080p. At least not with the internal player.
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  13. Lukas

    Lukas Member

    I should also mention that this is my opinion for what I use it for others may need it for other specific tasks or features which 12.2 doesn't support, but for a general everyday standard user 12.2 I think is easily the best\smoothest\most stable option to go for & doesn't scramble or break any of the video codec feeds or standard plugins.
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  14. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    my new testing results.

    I made clean install of Firmware pre-006b_1080. After that I installed ES File Explorer to be able to put advanced.xml to hidden directory.
    Plugged in my USB HDD. With Built in explorer I went to movies directory and played 1080p movie with 5.1 DD sound. First I played it in 'Player' with galery icon. Movie played smooth. Than I played it in built in vPlayer, also smooth played. I specifically searched for movie part where left to right movement occurs because there is easiest part to notice stutter or frame skipping. Nothing of that occured.

    Than I installed XBMC recommended versio 0219. I started it and closed it. Than I put advancesettings.xml into userdata direcotry. Rebooted my X7 device just to be on safe side. Opened XBMC i played that movie once more. I can say that movie is unwatcable. 1 minute part took almost 2 minutes to play. So I can confirm that this is not good, no matter what somebody say. For that I do not blame MINIX since that movie played well on stock players, but certanly XBMC is not perform well.

    Next I tried 1080p movie with DTS sound, also not watchable.

    Next movie is 720p H.264with AAc 2.0 sound, much better than 1080 movies, but still a lot of stuttering. Not good.
    Next is 720 X.264 with DTS 5.1 sound, also stutter. Not good
    Next video is 720p XviD with AC3 5.1 sound and it played very well. I saw no problem at all.

    I did not install nothing on my X7, not even my gmail account. Clean device with clean XBMC only with advanced.xml placed into proper directory.

    Now I will uninstall this XBMC and install regular 12.2 Frodo, just to compare differences. But, this is not working.

    I tried with XBMC Frodo 12.2 official
    It was not better or wors than recomended 0219 version. I also tried with advancesettins.xml, but it did not helped at all

    When I opened hardware info from XBMC, I saw that CPU usage was 50% or more, and fps was between 29 and 35.
  15. RBCano

    RBCano Member

    I will just throw in my 2 cent's worth..

    I have only found 2 versions of XBMC that will play USB connected 1080p smoothly (on the 006b 1080p stock FW) and they are :
    1) 0219+XML version
    2) XAF version (using MXPlayer as extrenal player)

    having said that...

    neither will stream 1080p from NAS because, in the case of the 0219+XML version, the internal XBMC player just sucks and in the case of XAF , the MXPlayer cannot play from network shares... so it defaults to the XBMC internal player that just sucks at streaming (on android anyways - works fine on my PC version). You can install CIFSManager to mount your NAS share so that it looks local and then play it using XAF with MXPlayer playback....but in order to do this you will have to root the machine....

    once you root the machine ... I guess MINIX says you have voided your warranty...so there is that to consider too....
  16. BaDTaG

    BaDTaG Member

    Hi i finaly got my x7 and updated to 006b 1080p as the first thing.

    I just tested xbmc 0219+xml from my nas and 720p is nice and crisp.

    But 1080p keeps buffering wen playing it seams smooth but i only have one 1080p movie to test with. I am running on wifi but ill test if it aproves using ethernet in the to morrow.

    I'll also try to get one or to 1080p movies to test with from my nas. The one i have is "the fifth element'

    One thing i dont like in the 1080p firmware is that in stock louncher all apps it dos not fill the screen it is limited to use only the middle of thre screen.

    Ill report back tomorrow how things go using ethernet and maby add some buffer options to xml file. I am thinking i will get percifik rim 1080p to test with.
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  17. Ivan K

    Ivan K Member

    XBMC Nightly from 1001 played all movies with all sort of codec and audio format smoothly. Only draback is tha almost none of addon worked, from skins to other program, video or other addon.
    Other nightlies I didn't tried because I need Aeon Nox skin. I prepared it to completely fulfill my needs of sorting to different categories which is not possible with standar Confluence theme. For me 0219+XML worked the same as 12.2 FRODO edition, i saw no difference (I downloaded it from MINIX recomended link).
  18. MINIX

    MINIX Administrator Staff Member

    common issue of nightlies... broken add-ons...
  19. spawn026

    spawn026 New Member

    I'm not having the best luck when it comes to xbmc. My experience is coming from smb but with great transfer rates so there shouldn't be any effect other then it being shared and not local. I've gone from nightly to monthly and down to the recommended build and they all have their pro's and cons. One flaw is it seems hardware decoding doesn't activate because of a resolution causing the player to struggle with the controls making a huge response delay and a blinking effect so its next to impossible to stop the video. The recommended player with xml works good for my shows and some movies but 1080p skips frames with no buffering occurring. XAF will not play smb files even when I tried substituting it's xml with one created by smbwrapper. I'd be happy to post files and clips when I get home but I'm just wondering if anyone else is having the same problems I am. Right now I'm on 006b with 1080b at 24hz. If I play a video from esfile explorer to mxplayer it plays flawlessly but for only 20 mins, then it crashes; but thats for another thread. Its relevant just to show that the video itself plays well when using the right player.
  20. BaDTaG

    BaDTaG Member

    I have The same problem 1080p is not Good. I Will try strauzo's rom tomorrow to See IF there is a difference.

    Sendt fra min HTC One med Tapatalk now Free
  21. Goldenwonder

    Goldenwonder New Member

    Installed the new 006FW 1080. Installed MX player and started it just once. Then installed XBMC XAF. But then I wanted to start a episode of Homeland from my Syno 412+ in a 720 MKV. Get the message external player active, click ok when playback has ended. Just can't play any file from my NAS. Pffffff....anybody with a solve?
  22. BaDTaG

    BaDTaG Member

    Just instaled the strauzo rom and must say first impression is great. Dit a quick test using archos and udp. The movie in 1080p on my nas that could not play on pree 0006b rom plays smooooth here. I will test xbmc
  23. Darren Evans

    Darren Evans New Member

    For some reason i cant select my USB hard drive in XBMC... I dont see the option for it.
  24. spawn026

    spawn026 New Member

    make sure you choose root filesystem and then mnt. You can just follow usb from there
  25. Darren Evans

    Darren Evans New Member

    Thanks a lot :)

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